Me in Me

Me in MeMe in Me

3 channel video installation
Commissioned by Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo


“Me in Me”, originally commissioned by Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo in 2013, tells the stories of three women, each living in a different era: ‘classical’, ‘modern’ and ‘virtual’.
Of the recurring archetypes in Japanese cinema, the artist has singled out the figure of the idealized Japanese woman: she traverses temporal differences, often as a lonely soul displaced in a patriarchal context, seeking fulfillment and belonging, defining her notion of ‘self’, finding her will to survive.

Parallel to these narrative ‘trailers’, we see documentary footage of the artist’s filmmaking process, revealing his attempts to embody and interpret clichéd aspects of Japanese culture.
The inevitable gaps of becoming – the speech imperfections, the gender miscasting, the physical compensations, the ‘comedy of errors’ resulting from working closely within the Japanese social system – that are central to his practice once again de-familiarize authenticity, evoking ambiguities that by turns alter and reinforce stereotypes. In doing so, he posts possible shifts upon narrative conventions and unexpected twists in the act of spectatorship.