艺术世界 Art World March 2015
Ming Wong: Science Fiction, Cantoneses Opera and Cinema by 王懿泉 Yiquan Wang

LEAP magazine July 2014
Queer issue artlcle Blissfully Yours by Travis Jeppeson

Inferno magazine (in French) 15 July 2014
by Gauthier Lesturgie

frieze de (in German & English) June-Aug 2014
Bülent Wongsoy: Biji Diva! review by Övül Durmusoglu

Art in America Jan 2014
In The Studio: Ming Wong by Travis Jeppeson

False Front: Joan Kee on the art of Ming Wong

LEAP (in Chinese & English) Aug 2011
Melodrama and Metissage: The Art of Ming Wong by Angie Baecker

Frieze Sept 2010
The Volcano Lover by Dominic Eichler