Installation View: Me in Me, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo

Me in Me
Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, 2013

Me in Me (Chinese)

Me in Me我中我



平行叙事结构的“预告片”展示了艺术家创作过程的记录片段,揭示了黄所理解并试图诠释的日本文化中老生常谈的形象。黄将一个刻板的女性形象重新演 绎,并一如既往重视现实与模仿的差距。这些不可避免的差异,包括发音缺陷、角色性别混淆、理想化的外貌与身段,以及与日本社会制度合作而产生的“错误的喜 剧”似的误解,都使真实感陌生化,并营造出更为模棱两可的观感。“我中我”一方面推动了传统叙事方式的变革,另一方面也使得观众移情入戏的观影模式得到意 想不到的扭转。

Me in Me

Me in MeMe in Me

3 channel video installation
Commissioned by Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo


“Me in Me”, originally commissioned by Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo in 2013, tells the stories of three women, each living in a different era: ‘classical’, ‘modern’ and ‘virtual’.
Of the recurring archetypes in Japanese cinema, the artist has singled out the figure of the idealized Japanese woman: she traverses temporal differences, often as a lonely soul displaced in a patriarchal context, seeking fulfillment and belonging, defining her notion of ‘self’, finding her will to survive.

Parallel to these narrative ‘trailers’, we see documentary footage of the artist’s filmmaking process, revealing his attempts to embody and interpret clichéd aspects of Japanese culture.
The inevitable gaps of becoming – the speech imperfections, the gender miscasting, the physical compensations, the ‘comedy of errors’ resulting from working closely within the Japanese social system – that are central to his practice once again de-familiarize authenticity, evoking ambiguities that by turns alter and reinforce stereotypes. In doing so, he posts possible shifts upon narrative conventions and unexpected twists in the act of spectatorship.